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Promoting Your Ads

(e.g "Post Ad", "Promote Ad" etc.)

Promoting Your Ads

What are the prices of paid features?

To find out about the paid features, click on Post Ad and there you will get price for each feature.

What are Attention Getters?

Catch visitors' attention with these catchy attention getters. These will appear next to your Ad's title, when visitors are looking for great and quick deals. Similar symbol will appear in your ad…

How can I promote my Ads?

You can use any of the following methods to promote your ads. Ad Promotion Methods: Premium Ads Spotlight Ads Attention Getters

How can I get more people to see my Ad?

You can use the following promotional feature which can help your Ads to get more visibility and helps in getting more responses as well. Promotional Features: Premium Ads Spotlight Ads…

What are Spotlight Ads?

Make your Ad stand out from the rest and attract more visitors by increased visibility. Your Ad block will be colored, making your Ad really stand out and help visitors notice these Ads more amongst…

What are Premium Ads?

Premium Ads will be placed at the top of the list. Visitors will see your Ads first. This feature also places your Ad in the top of listing. These Ads get the most responses from people since they…

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